Fields we cover

We apply a wide range of methods and tools to stimulate creativity, guide discussions and debates, moderate collaboration, as well as develop, prototype, and experiment solutions. Our role is to “bring together the brains, methodology, and diverse tools for the development of innovation”.

Technology and Innovation

Sustainable energy solutions

CSS aims to deliver energy solutions in all energy dependent areas, for example travel, heat, light, industry etc. The solutions we provide are to be futureproof meaning there is no lifespan on their viability. The areas of focus for the Centre are related to renewable energy solutions that are realistic and sustainable.

Embracing technological challenge

Projects that do not shy away from challenges that may otherwise be exclude them. These projects will create novel ground-breaking processes that will provide valuable scientific data to be used in other areas in the future. We support actions that are in line with the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027).

Pioneering Research

Pushing boundaries

Projects that challenge convention with new and different approaches. Allowing convention to be challenged and supporting that challenge with the aim of breaking new ground.

Connecting the experts

Projects that enable the experts to expand their network beyond their normal working sphere of influence. Thus, bringing powerful minds together that would otherwise not connect to create ideas that would otherwise not be created.

Social Responsibility

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We use variety of different models for building healthy communities, including Asset Development – that is focusing on the building advantages that youth need in order to develop into healthy, successful adults.

Climate, environment and water

We lead projects supporting perhaps the most important resource of all, environment. This critical resource needs to be managed and protected. All projects in the CSS must fulfil requirements to protect the climate, environment and water.

Entrepreneurship and Youth

Creating niche business

CSS fosters projects that allow individuals and their unique ideas to flourish in their simplicity. Not over complicating and ensuring delivery of simple solutions to achieve results will be prioritised over size and complexity.

Exposing the younger generation

We encourage the voices of the younger generation to be heard and their ideas tested and demonstrated. Projects to create an understanding and consensus of real and workable technologies.


Engage youth in their future

We promote a movement where all students have time to think about their highest contribution to their future so that when the students leave school they are not just starting on the race to nowhere. I can do anything, but not everything.

Creating educational methodologies

CSS team of experts develops interactive education methods following the Non-formal education methodology (NFE) and experiential learning.

Health & Well-Being

Collaborative action for community health advancement

We encourage collaborative action for community change and risk reduction for chronic disease and health disparities. We propose five interrelated phases: (1) Collaborative planning and capacity Building; (2) Targeted action and intervention; (3) Community and system changes; (4) Widespread behaviour change; (5) Improving community health outcomes.

Elderly Well-being program


Projects that support both physical and psychological improvements from childhood to old age. Lifestyle changes and medical advances that can lead to a healthier more environmentally friendly population. We aim to create a supportive environment and sense of belonging for the elderly while also raising their self-esteem and attending to their basic health and social/emotional needs.